Read all about it at The Stereograph Foundation  Youth News Desk.
Youth News Desk  is what it’s title says it is  here at the news desk is where you will find the latest updates of latest programs and activities for our youths.

From the age of 5 year’s old up to 18 years old this is where you will find out what Stereograph Foundation is doing for you.
We will be shortly launching our UK wide talent hunt but with a big difference to what is the normal talent hunt. Our talent hunt  is not just restricted to those who sing or  spitbars (DJ lyrics) no it is far beyond that.

We will be looking for talented youths in different areas of life such as Artists /youth inventors / Youth entrepreneurs/ Musicians/ Sports authors / motivational speakers and all theses categories mentioned are for both boys and girls.  We are very excited about the programs that we propose to do but this can only be achieved if we all do our part and join together and make our communities a better place for us all.


Welcome to Stereograph Foundation Youth World this page is strictly dedicated to our youths in all communities.
We know that the time we are living in it is very hard for our youths to strive and make the progress that some of you want to make positive progression.It is no hidden fact that your views and cry for help often are ignored for one reason or another.
Where you expect to get help and direction from quiet often you do not. It is our aim and intention at Stereograph Foundation to see if we can give support when and where we can.
STEREOGRAPH FOUNDATION is very different to other foundations that are out there. We invite all our youths to contact or write to us about what matters to you most.
We will post your views on our Youth World page and do our utmost best to help and also for others to be aware of your real world.

Contact us via email
on our contact page
Or email

Or office 02081448507.

Remember this is your page FAM 😁

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