Stereograph Foundation Dose it Again

A warm welcome to all it has been a while since our last update due to several reasons beyond our control. Iam now pleased to share some exciting news with you all of the Stereograph Foundation latest vision and project.

We have now launched our groundbreaking initiative for the Stereograph Foundation UK mobile TV NETWORK called SGF TELEVISION.This is where you will be able to watch our TV programs specially designed with you in mind . This will be a completely different concept to anything that is out there and all you have to do is subscribe and join us. You will then be able to see our latest and hottest shows like “REASONING WID CHABBA” Also The MATHS SURGERY and many others.

So stay in contact for all the latest news.


Moving On

Stereograph Foundation was 1 year  old on August 9th 2018 and within that short space of time we have managed to accomplish so much in communities worldwide.

It has not been easy to achieve our goals especially due to limited finance. Nevertheless we are proud to have been able to accomplish so much. Our awards program has been continuous we presented 4 more  awards yesterday which was the 9th December 2018 to certain individuals from the Latter Rain Church at Copleston Road London SE15.

Stereograph Foundation awards has now achieved worldwide recognition making it a prestigious honour for all who  receives them in different categories such as Business,Arts and Crafts. Education,Music, Agriculture,Sports,Life,Medical Health, Community,and Public Services.

We are looking forward to the coming new year 2019 and doing even more with God’s Blessing

Again we would like to thank all of you whom have supported and applauded our efforts to serve and help communities worldwide.

We hope that the Stereograph Foundation will continue to do great things and lead by example in a time such as now where this is greatly needed.

Thanks and God bless you all from,

Minister Michael Gordon aka Chabba 


Stereograph Foundation International Awards – Jamaica

The Stereograph Foundation awards program just keeps on growing Internationally worldwide. We have just returned from Jamaica after the successful launch of the foundation there.
The appreciation and interest shown by all those that received awards from establishments, businesses or the individuals also the general public was tremendous and never before has a initiative like this taken place in Jamaica. As we have said before that awards being presented is not a new concept but the criteria and structure of the Stereograph Foundation UK International awards is totally different. People and establishments whom quiet often do not get the recognition they deserve is now getting this by Stereograph Foundation UK International.

Here are some of the awards winners:
Establishments Kingston Public Hospital Casualty Department.
The Alpha Institute, formerly known as Alpha Boys,Polly Ground Primary school in Ewarton.
Businesses, Town Centre Pharmacy in Spanish town, Dennos wholesale and retailers, Tingling Corner Store.
Ewarton and Linstesd refuge collection team,Cutters Gas supplies and Sharps Photography.

Individuals who were awarded:

Susan Simes the host and presenter for the “Susan Show”on TV.
Record Labels and studios Bobby Digital, Germain Donovan Penthouse, Records, Ernest Hoo-Kim Channel One recording Label, Entrepreneur Castro Brown who’s award should of been presented at our Awards Gala evening but we were proud to be able to do this now.
Castro Brown is an integral and leading figure now in the boxing world in Jamaica and has undertaken the responsibility of the overseeing of the 2 Stereograph Foundation UK International boxing belts which Jamaican boxers will compete for also medals and trophies.
Recording Artist Super Black.

Kemberly Coombes one of the Jamaican Women’s Rugby Team players and Hairstylist Award for Shanese Earle.
Trophies for sports were given to a total of 4 Football Cups and 3 Golden Boots Awards, 2 trophies for corner leagues in Mandeville and 2 in St. Catherine one being the SUGAR MINOTT Memorial Football Cup which will be played for annually. Also a Netball trophy and 2 International boxing Championship belts trophies and medals.We will be donating a further 2 Jamaica Championship belts one for Middleweight and one welterweight divisions which is also under the management and introduced by Castro Brown.
Awards were also given to 3 students and 2 school teachers and a Principal.we also donated school bags, certificates pens, pencils ect. We are looking to launch the all Island Ludo/ Ludey Championship which has never been implemented before .we also have several training programs for Youths and Adults to spearhead.

This is only the start and with your support we can do and achieve much more. We will be putting the photos up soon from the Jamaica launch of Stereograph Foundation UK for all to see. We give God thanks.

StereoGraph Foundation – Gone International

STEREOGRAPH FOUNDATION AWARDS are now being recognised worldwide making it one of the fastest growing awards program. On Saturday 9th June 2018 we awarded our first International Honoury Music award to Tony Rebel who is also the founder of the current biggest annual reggae stage show in Jamaica Rebel Salute.

It was a real delightful occasion which Tony Rebel said” It was a real honour for him to receive this award coming from Stereograph Foundation”. What made it even more special for him it was presented by the person who played a vital role in his grooming at the early stage of his career.
The person he was referring to was no other than our founder of Stereograph Foundation Minister Michael Gordon aka Chabba. The friendship between them stems back from 1983 when he was one of the djs on Chabba’s sound system in Jamaica called Destiny Outernational.

Tony Rebel would like the Stereograph Foundation awards to be a annual part of Rebel Salute as it dose not currently have such an inclusion like that in all the 25 years of Rebel Salute. Both Tony Rebel and Minister Gordon are in planning and discussion to make this a reality.

News Updates

The Stereograph Foundation goes marching on we are currently working hard to reach our intended goals. We are reminding you that you can put your nominees forward for our continuous awards program.

We are also hoping to be able to keep our Awards gala evening for 2018 following last year’s successful event. If we can get the support it is our intention to take it to another level making it a spectacular occasion.

Another factor to unfold from our Awards Gala is that we  are currently in the planning stages to bring it to West London.

This will be in conjunction with Tippa Audio Sound and the United Anglo Carribbean Society. We are really excited and looking forward to staging this event .We will soon give details of the date and venue so stay tuned.

The 16th  April 2018 saw another ground breaking initiative with our launch of the Stereograph Foundation Mobile TV Network Channel. Here you can tune in on your mobile phones via watsap link or our Facebook page and check out our  programs.

There is A Chat show,  Interviews current facts and video footage to see. All you have to do is sign up by giving us your mobile number and we will forward our pre recorded TV CHANNEL programs to you .

We remind you that we need your support as we strive to serve and help make our communities better places.

Thanks and God bless you all.



We are pleased to announce that you apply for places to go on our day trip . This trip will be going to Southend on sea the date is Saturday 11th August 2018.

The foundation will be paying for the for the trip so it will be Free for those whom are fortunate to get seats. We have a 70 seater coach so seats will be allocated on a first come basis.

Parents come and take your children out for the day or grand parents take the grandchildren.Our senior citizens are welcome to join us on the trip . So to apply for places just contact us for availability and further information.

This trip is FREE but we will require a small holding deposit which will be returned to you on boarding the coach. The reason why we are asking for this is quiet often people change their minds at last minute and it is not because of illness which would be totally understandable.  If you book a place and then don’t turn you could restrict someone else from going also leaving empty seats .

You can email us at or telephone 0208 144 8507 to book your place subject to availability.

God bless you all.

Help at hand

We are proud to announce that we can now offer help and advice via partnership with Donna Blake Business Consultancy.

Help and advice can be offered in the following categories such as

CV Designs & Updates

Interview Coaching

Business Plans

Personal Development .

The foundation will fund the cost for this service but also would appreciate a contribution if in the position to do so by individuals needing this help.

If you cannot give a contribution still enquire has we will do our best to pay for the assistance you need in the mentioned areas.




At our recent awards evening it was announced that one of events for our 2018 agenda was to have a day trip outing to a costal destination. The trip would be free of cost to all whom where fortunate to be allocated a seat.

The cost would be paid by the foundation making it possible for community recreational time .

We are pleased to inform you that this is now a reality has the foundation officially booked a 70 seater coach for the trip which will take place on Saturday 11th August 2018 . It is also our intention depending on the support we get and demand the possibility of having another coach for the day making a total of 2.

This can be achieved with sales of our merchandise as this is the means that makes it possible for us to help our communities. Stay in touch via our website and Facebook page for further information of allocation of seats and destination.God bless you all.

STEREOGRAPH FOUNDATION Doing what it has promised to do.

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