Moving On

Stereograph Foundation was 1 year  old on August 9th 2018 and within that short space of time we have managed to accomplish so much in communities worldwide.

It has not been easy to achieve our goals especially due to limited finance. Nevertheless we are proud to have been able to accomplish so much. Our awards program has been continuous we presented 4 more  awards yesterday which was the 9th December 2018 to certain individuals from the Latter Rain Church at Copleston Road London SE15.

Stereograph Foundation awards has now achieved worldwide recognition making it a prestigious honour for all who  receives them in different categories such as Business,Arts and Crafts. Education,Music, Agriculture,Sports,Life,Medical Health, Community,and Public Services.

We are looking forward to the coming new year 2019 and doing even more with God’s Blessing

Again we would like to thank all of you whom have supported and applauded our efforts to serve and help communities worldwide.

We hope that the Stereograph Foundation will continue to do great things and lead by example in a time such as now where this is greatly needed.

Thanks and God bless you all from,

Minister Michael Gordon aka Chabba 



Welcome to Stereograph Foundation Youth World this page is strictly dedicated to our youths in all communities.
We know that the time we are living in it is very hard for our youths to strive and make the progress that some of you want to make positive progression.It is no hidden fact that your views and cry for help often are ignored for one reason or another.
Where you expect to get help and direction from quiet often you do not. It is our aim and intention at Stereograph Foundation to see if we can give support when and where we can.
STEREOGRAPH FOUNDATION is very different to other foundations that are out there. We invite all our youths to contact or write to us about what matters to you most.
We will post your views on our Youth World page and do our utmost best to help and also for others to be aware of your real world.

Contact us via email
on our contact page
Or email

Or office 02081448507.

Remember this is your page FAM 😁

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