The Foundation

Greetings Everyone,

And welcome to the StereoGraph Foundation, a vision of the founder and CEO minister Michael Gordon (aka Chabba youth). It was launched on the 9th of August 2017. The other CEO and joint owner is Neville Green of the legendary StereoGraph sound system and not forgetting Slung and Dego Ranks whom were original stereograph crew and now also apart of the management team for the foundation.

The Stereograph Foundation is quite unique in it’s intended purpose and future goals. The first port of call for the StereoGraph Foundation is serving and assisting the community. When we refer to the community,  we are not just referring to our physical locality but worldwide.

The StereoGraph Foundation is reaching out to communities both in the UK and overseas already. We are engaged in helping local sports and recreational clubs such as boxing, football and many more who are not funded in any form as like ourselves . The Foundation offers a helping hand in buying kits, gears and also by assisting in the payment of fees and contributions to the maintenance and cost of keeping the organisation operating properly.

The StereoGraph Foundation is currently assisting to pay for the schooling and well-being of 2 children in Mandeville Jamaica of which number we hope to raise in the near future. Another of our arm of the foundation is to recognised and award individuals or establishments who are actively achieving great things that are not normally recognised due to not being part of the elite. The StereoGraph Foundation is changing that age old concept by seeking out such people and establishments to acknowledge their endeavour’s and present them with an recognised award.

We are able to do all the above with the help of God and through the sales of our own branding of merchandise and memorabilia. Here you will find a range of our goods so you can see what we have on offer please feel free to have a look.  We do hope you will see something to your liking

Thank you for your support.


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