At our recent awards evening it was announced that one of events for our 2018 agenda was to have a day trip outing to a costal destination. The trip would be free of cost to all whom where fortunate to be allocated a seat.

The cost would be paid by the foundation making it possible for community recreational time .

We are pleased to inform you that this is now a reality has the foundation officially booked a 70 seater coach for the trip which will take place on Saturday 11th August 2018 . It is also our intention depending on the support we get and demand the possibility of having another coach for the day making a total of 2.

This can be achieved with sales of our merchandise as this is the means that makes it possible for us to help our communities. Stay in touch via our website and Facebook page for further information of allocation of seats and destination.God bless you all.

STEREOGRAPH FOUNDATION Doing what it has promised to do.


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