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Stereograph Foundation International Awards – Jamaica

The Stereograph Foundation awards program just keeps on growing Internationally worldwide. We have just returned from Jamaica after the successful launch of the foundation there.
The appreciation and interest shown by all those that received awards from establishments, businesses or the individuals also the general public was tremendous and never before has a initiative like this taken place in Jamaica. As we have said before that awards being presented is not a new concept but the criteria and structure of the Stereograph Foundation UK International awards is totally different. People and establishments whom quiet often do not get the recognition they deserve is now getting this by Stereograph Foundation UK International.

Here are some of the awards winners:
Establishments Kingston Public Hospital Casualty Department.
The Alpha Institute, formerly known as Alpha Boys,Polly Ground Primary school in Ewarton.
Businesses, Town Centre Pharmacy in Spanish town, Dennos wholesale and retailers, Tingling Corner Store.
Ewarton and Linstesd refuge collection team,Cutters Gas supplies and Sharps Photography.

Individuals who were awarded:

Susan Simes the host and presenter for the “Susan Show”on TV.
Record Labels and studios Bobby Digital, Germain Donovan Penthouse, Records, Ernest Hoo-Kim Channel One recording Label, Entrepreneur Castro Brown who’s award should of been presented at our Awards Gala evening but we were proud to be able to do this now.
Castro Brown is an integral and leading figure now in the boxing world in Jamaica and has undertaken the responsibility of the overseeing of the 2 Stereograph Foundation UK International boxing belts which Jamaican boxers will compete for also medals and trophies.
Recording Artist Super Black.

Kemberly Coombes one of the Jamaican Women’s Rugby Team players and Hairstylist Award for Shanese Earle.
Trophies for sports were given to a total of 4 Football Cups and 3 Golden Boots Awards, 2 trophies for corner leagues in Mandeville and 2 in St. Catherine one being the SUGAR MINOTT Memorial Football Cup which will be played for annually. Also a Netball trophy and 2 International boxing Championship belts trophies and medals.We will be donating a further 2 Jamaica Championship belts one for Middleweight and one welterweight divisions which is also under the management and introduced by Castro Brown.
Awards were also given to 3 students and 2 school teachers and a Principal.we also donated school bags, certificates pens, pencils ect. We are looking to launch the all Island Ludo/ Ludey Championship which has never been implemented before .we also have several training programs for Youths and Adults to spearhead.

This is only the start and with your support we can do and achieve much more. We will be putting the photos up soon from the Jamaica launch of Stereograph Foundation UK for all to see. We give God thanks.

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