Celebrating the work of Maxie B

Awards were presented on the 12th on September 2019 to Maxi B. for the outstanding work she does for the community (Maxie B. 2nd from the left of the photo) Super Ron and Lady Juicey also collected the Stereograph Foundation Connoisseur Selectors awards presented by Minister Michael Gordan (aka Chabba)

Maxie B. is the founder of the Remembrance Day which is kept on an annual basis. Here is a clip from the Remembrance Day 2018 event.

Recognizing the BEARS.

On Tuesday the 17th September 2019, the Stereograph foundation made a presentation of 7 awards to the British Emergency Ambulance Response Service (BEARS) paramedic team along with the Managing Director of the service.

The job that these individuals do is of vital essence to us all. This award is the first of this kind that they have ever received in the recognition of the tremendous service they provide each and every day.

British Emergency Ambulance Response Service’s, Managing Director Mr Ali Hashim being presented with his award.

Awards latest updates.

As we’ve stated that the Stereograph Foundation Awards program is not just a once in a year fixture but continuous right throughout the year. We was over at the United Anglo Caribbean Society on Saturday 16th December 2017 which held their annual Christmas dinner for the senior citizens of the community. The society has been operational for the past 48 years serving the senior citizens and residents of the community.

Unbeknown to the management Stereograph Foundation was not just there to be guests at the a function but to also award UACS with outstanding service award to the community. There was 160 senior citizens in attendance plus management so this was a lovely surprise for them all.

This is one of our purpose driven missions to seek out the unsung heroes and award them accordingly. I personally had a great time and was honoured to be able to present the award and meeting so many wonderful and caring people.

STEREOGRAPH FOUNDATION STRIKES AGAIN. Minister Michael Gordon aka Chabba .

Awards Update.

After a very successful first awards gala evening the Stereograph Foundation wants to inform you that our awards program is ongoing right throughout the year.

We don’t believe in just giving awards on a once a year basis.

This is why we need you too also be our ears and eyes in putting nominees forward for awards  for consideration to us. It is quiet simple if you know someone or a establishment which you consider in your opinion is  doing credible things either on a personal level or for the betterment of others why not nominate them for one of our awards .

There are many unsung heroes all over our communities who deserve to be acknowledged but quiet often this never happens. So it is about time we start to make a change.

All you have to do is contact us with your nominees name and details why you would like to see this person or establishment receive an award. We then at the foundation will take into consideration the facts you have presented us with and if we agree then we will make a presentation to the nominee.

We will not wait until our next awards event to do so but act upon it now for tomorrow is not guaranteed to none of us. So please join with us as it is impossible for us to see and know all whom are deserving of such.

Thanks, together we can make a difference.


StereoGraph Foundation Awards Gala 2017

A Night To Remember.

Fill with laughter, recognition and gratitude, the StereoGraph Foundation Awards Gala 2017 was an evening to be remembered. There are moments in life where somethings just made sense however seldomly practiced or endorsed they just made sense, and this event just highlighted one of those things; giving recognition to unassuming, hardworking, caring and selfless individuals throughout the local community just made sense; and this was exactly happened at the StereoGraph Foundation Awards Gala 2017.


Images from the StereoGraph Awards Gala 2017


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