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As we’ve stated that the Stereograph Foundation Awards program is not just a once in a year fixture but continuous right throughout the year. We was over at the United Anglo Caribbean Society on Saturday 16th December 2017 which held their annual Christmas dinner for the senior citizens of the community. The society has been operational for the past 48 years serving the senior citizens and residents of the community.

Unbeknown to the management Stereograph Foundation was not just there to be guests at the a function but to also award UACS with outstanding service award to the community. There was 160 senior citizens in attendance plus management so this was a lovely surprise for them all.

This is one of our purpose driven missions to seek out the unsung heroes and award them accordingly. I personally had a great time and was honoured to be able to present the award and meeting so many wonderful and caring people.

STEREOGRAPH FOUNDATION STRIKES AGAIN. Minister Michael Gordon aka Chabba .

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